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National Sun Yat-sen University


Nansha Taiping Research Station


Dongsha Atoll Research Station - Marine Station in north South China Sea

Dongsha Atoll locates on the northern part of the South China Sea. The shortest distance to mainland of the remote atoll is over 250km, and is over 400km to Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Dongsha Atoll is a place with various scientific interests because of the unique geographical environments. The Dongsha Atoll Research Station (DARS), founded in 2012, is located on Dongsha Island; it provides variety of research facilities to visiting scientists. DARS is like a boat staying in the South China Sea; it will continuously serve to promote researches resolving the scientific questions relating to atoll and South China Sea.


Seafloor surveys was conducted with the deep-towed vehicle ATIS (Abyss Twisted-pair Imaging System)

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